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Current Enabling Statute and Funding

The Subsequent Injury Fund enabling legislation is currently codified in the Annotated Code of Maryland, Labor and Employment Article, Sections 10-204 through 10-219.

The intent of the Law of Subsequent Injuries is set forth in Labor and Employent Article, Sec. 9-801. Compensation parameters are defined in LE, Sec. 9-802. Deliniation of awards against the Fund are set forth in LE, Sec. 9-804. Funding is established in LE, Sec. 9-806.


Downloadable documents

SIF Settlement Agreement Template --With SIF only--

SIF Settlement Agreement Template

Current Board Composition

The Subsequent Injury Fund Board was created July 1, 1982. The present Board members are:

  • Zerita Holly-Ross, Member Representing the Business Sector
  • Aaron T. Bast, Member Representing Labor
  • Valerie Fraling, Member Representing the Public Sector